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Cosmetic Procedures

At the San Antonio dermatology office of Dr. Bonnie Furner, we offer facial rejuvenation procedures that can refine your face and refresh your skin. You’ll not only improve the appearance of your skin, but also boost your self-confidence.

Refine Your Face and body!

The natural aging process, genetic influences, and sun exposure, among many other factors, can cause skin to lose its youthful luster. Over time, you may look in the mirror and see a tired- or older-looking face that doesn't reflect how youthful you feel on the inside. The facial rejuvenation procedures we offer in our San Antonio office are hugely popular for a reason. Learn more about them below.

Refresh Your Skin

Under the care of our San Antonio dermatologists, you can leave the sun and all those years behind and get the soft, refreshed skin that you want. Whether your concerns are cosmetic or clinical, Dr. Furner and will recommend a treatment plan to help you correct your skin imperfections. In addition to the cosmetic services listed above, we also offer:  

Getting Started

Prevent and reverse the signs of aging with the best cosmetic skin treatments in San Antonio, Texas. Call our dermatology office today at (210) 616-0448 or use our online consultation request form.

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