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When you visit our San Antonio dermatology office, you’ll be taking the first step towards recovering the beautiful skin you were born with. Anyone who has dealt with acne knows how difficult it can be to regain control over your unexpected breakouts. Our goal is to identify any possible causes of your acne and create a treatment plan that puts you back in control of your skin.

Studies increasingly show that a patient’s skin care regimen, daily stresses, hormonal fluctuations, and nutrition have a direct impact on the skin’s condition and appearance. For this reason, Dr. Bonnie Furner will review your medical history and potential factors in your everyday life that could be worsening your acne. We will review your skin care routine and provide the right knowledge, products, and prescriptions to give you back the skin you were meant to have.

Acne Treatments for Adolescents and Adults

Acne affects adolescents and adults differently. Our physicians will tailor acne treatments to your individual needs. Adult acne can be just as frustrating and embarrassing as teenage acne and may be caused by stress, hormones, or the wrong skin care products. Blemishes can pop up suddenly as black heads, clogged pores, or unsightly zits. Acne may also appear as deep, painful spots around the chin and jawline that can take weeks to disappear. We work to eliminate the different kinds of acne and improve scarring.

We focus on acne prevention through a managed skin care plan. We offer medical-grade skin care products, including a toner and pore cleanser. We also use topical and oral medications, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion to treat acne. And when you need immediate treatment for nodular, cystic acne, we offer steroid injections that reduce inflammation effectively.

We also offer extraction techniques to quickly clear pores and blackheads without scarring. Similar extraction procedures may be performed by an aesthetician during a facial, but dermatologist Dr. Furner takes the time to carefully perform an extraction in our San Antonio office.

For the most severe and recalcitrant cases of acne we also offer oral isotretinoin (trade name: Accutane). Isotretinoin is not right for everyone--It has certain advantages and disadvantages. Our physicians will help you decide if it is the right fit for you.

The Care You Need When You Need It

There is no better place to go when you have an urgent or ongoing acne problem. Call Dr. Bonnie Furner in San Antonio, Texas today at (210) 616-0448 or request a consultation online.

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